As with many companies, McKenzie Management must do what is necessary to help keep our employees and property managers safe and healthy as well as act in a socially responsible manner in this unprecedented time.  Accordingly, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our offices will remain open by appointment only until further notice.

You are welcome to slide rent payments or monthly assessment payments under our office door.  However, you are also encouraged to heed the recommendations to stay home and send your payments electronically or through the mail.

We are here for you and will continue to work from the office until the office building shuts down or the government forces us to stay home.  At that time, we will continue to work remotely for you and address any and all emergency needs as soon as possible.

Please call our office at 847-813-5939 or contact your property manager directly via cell phone or email if you need anything.   Stay safe and healthy.